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Name Description Price
Irish Coffee Traditional mix of Jameson’s Whiskey and coffee served with whipped cream $7
Snow Cap Vanilla Vodka and Frangelico served over coffee and topped with whipped cream $8
Keoke Coffee Kahlua, Brandy, Creme de Cocoa served with coffee and topped with whipped cream $7
Bavarian Coffee Peppermint Schnapps and Kahlua served over coffee and topped with whipped cream $7
Gluhwein Traditional German Mulled Wine $7
Name Description Price
2 I’d-Tail An Irish Stout served with Amaretto, an Italian Cordial $7
CelloWeisse Hefeweizen served with a shot of Limoncello $5
Fram Bam Lindeman’s Fraboise, Chambord and Limoncello $7
Peppermint Porty Creme de Cacao, Peppermint Schnapps and a Porter $5
Name Description Price
Traditional Vanilla Liqueur topped with a layer of cream to look like a miniature beer—tastes like vanilla cream soda $4
Banana Cream Pie Banana and vanilla liqueurs topped with cream $5
Chocolate Cream Chocolate whiskey and cream $4
Creamsicle Mandarin orange liqueur and vanilla liqueur topped with cream creates this delight $5
Hell Yeah!! Spicy Cinnamon whiskey and cream $4
Lemon Cream Limoncello topped with cream $5
Marzipan Almond and Honey Liqueurs combined to create this tasty treat topped with cream $7
Pfeffernuss Herbal and vanilla liqueur topped with cream—tastes like gingerbread $5
Tart Apple Pie Apple and cinnamon Whiskey topped with cream $6
Root Beer Float Sarsaparilla whiskey and cream $4
Name Description Price
Eierlikör Traditional German Homemade egg liqueur—creamy and delicious $6
Chocolate Whiskey Cream Made with Milka Chocolate $6
Marzipan Liqueur Infused in-house from almond and Vanilla liqueurs $6
Name Description Price
Blood Orange Love Solomon blood orange liqueur served over San Pellegrino blood orange soda—very refreshing $7
Citrus Refresher Mandarin liqueur served over Clementine San Pellegrino $7
Jersey Girl Creme Yvette lavender liqueur, Vanilla vodka and cream combined to make a rich and creamy potion $8
La Jacque Strap Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, Lavender Liqueur, Herbal Liqueur and Real Ginger beer make this quite unusually refreshing beverage $9
Name Price
Basil Hayden’s $9
Blanton’s Single $12
Buffalo Trace $7
Knobb Creek $9
Hudson 4 $20
Hudson Baby Bourbon $20
Maker’s Mark $7
Rogue Dead Guy Whiskey $7
Woodford Reserve $12
Name Price
Yamazaki $15
Name Price
Clontarf Classic Blend $6
Jameson’s Irish Whiskey $7
Name Price
Balvinne Doublwood $12
Highland Park 12 Year $9
Laphroig Single Malt $12
McClellands Highland $7
Name Price
Crown Royal Regal Apple $10
Name Price
Barenjager Honey Bourbon $7
Bird Dog Chocolate Whiskey $5
Drambuie $9
Fireball $5
Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey $6
The Knot $6
Jeremiah Weed Sarsaparilla $5
Name Price
Asbach Uralt $10
Grand Marnier $7
Kammer Black Forest Kirschwasser $9
Metaxa 5 $9
Metaxa 7 $9
Metaxa Ouzo $5
Schladerer Birne $9
Name Price
Amarula Cream Liqueur $6
Bailey’s Irish Cream $6
Barenjager $4
Becherovka $7
Chambord Royal De France $8
Chocolate Mint $5
Creme Yvette $8
Di Saronno Amaretto $8
Dr. McGullicuddy Vanilla $4
Goldschlager $8
Goldwasser $8
Frangelico $7
Linie Aquavit $7
Jagermeister $6
Kahlua $6
Luxardo Maraschino $8
Mandarine Napoleon $9
Massenez Cassis $8
Moritz Echte Kroatzbeere $8
Pallini Limoncello $7
Rumple Minze $6
Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur $8
St Germaine $8
Tiramisu $6
Name Price
Bulldog $6
Name Price
Flor de Cana Centenario 18 Year Old $9
Rogue Hazelnut Spice Rum $7
Sailor Jerry’s $5
Stroh 80 $9
Name Price
Absolut Vanilia $6
Belvedere $8
Kettle One $9
Leine Feigling Fig Vodka $6
Beach Vodka $6
Blue Ridge Vodka $6
Silver Fox $5
Tangueray Sterling Vodka $5
Name Price
Exodo Peach $9
Name Price
Homemade Eierlikör $6
Homemade Chocolate Whiskey Cream $6
Marzipan Liqueur $6
Name Price
Creme De Cocoa $3
Creme de Menthe $3
Buttershots $3
99 Bananas $3
Peppermint Schnapps $3
Ginger Beer $3
Coke / Diet Coke / 7-Up $2